What Is A Markov Chain?

A Markov Chain is a method of diagramming outcomes determined by chance. For example, on any given day, the weather can either remain sunny or turn rainy; this is a two-element Markov Chain. Other elements, such as wind or snow (heaven forbid), can be added as well, but the probability of each occuring decreases with every additional outcome.

Markov Chains can be written like so:


Above is an example of a 2-element Markov Chain, where every outcome (Point 1 remains at Point 1 or moves to Point 2, and vice versa) has a 50% chance of occuring.

Learn more about Markov Chains and make your own here!

Markov chains can be used to generate text by making one element for every word. The markov chain used in our website is a markov chain with an order of two, meaning it not only considers the previous word but the word before that when picking the next word.